by greenbamboostudios

I am laughing uncontrollably while trying to balance feet on a ball, shoulders on the mat below, weights in hand locked directly above the chest, and glutes suspended in mid-air. It’s the starting point of a compound movement involving an elevated bridge with tricep skull crushers. The only other imperative instruction we receive in the Total Body class is: “Squeeze your butts. If you don’t do it, then nobody else is going to do it for you.”


During the next couple of days in the midst of soreness, one particular way in which God’s grace lifts me begins to resonate. When I am weak and pained, He always connects the will to be strong, the way to refocus and the hope to comfort my heart. No matter how complicated life gets, I know that I am held high above. My entire being may be engaged in resistance but as long as I keep giving thanks, He is continuously and “surely … my help, the one who sustains me.” (Psalm 54:4)


Whether I have consciously called out in despair or hidden my anxieties in fear, David’s eloquent and faithful verses for times of trouble remind me that where my ass is concerned, it is God’s business. And he’s not going to set it down either. And it is going to get handled.


It’s nice to know that someone else IS doing the squeezing.