by greenbamboostudios

I fall in love immediately.


My personal preference is the same for pianos as it is for boyfriends: sound bright and play responsively to my touch. So when we bought the white Nordiska baby grand, I was thrilled that I finally had both a wonderful instrument and an adoring partner in my life.


The first time I had the piano tuned after he passed away, I cried.


Emotionally, it felt as though I was the one getting the dissonance hammered the shit out of me. Not by the trained hands of my technician, but by the handling of another master.


Although a complex science, tuning a piano is fundamentally about compromise. The intervals between strings are adjusted for harmonic synchronicity. Digitally, the resulting wave patterns can be checked with computer-aided programs. However, my guy does his finest work manually and with complete aural accuracy.


Father Lord, fix me.


I hadn’t been a practicing Christian in my adult life until that day. And at this moment, the Sunday Schooling finally decided to kick in.


With frequent playing, pianos should get tuned twice a year. With frequent praying, I’m guessing most of us could keep equal temperament and pitch perfect a lot more often.