by greenbamboostudios

I get asked a lot how to stay motivated.


“Nobody wants to fuck a fat faggot,” is what I always say.


Vulgarity aside, I want to make sure someone is at full attention to really hear what I tell them next. That my commitment to health and fitness is simply remembering how good I feel AFTER I’m done working out.


I’m not focusing on what I will look like. I’m focusing on what I will gain emotionally and psychologically. This gets me going. This keeps me going.


I love knowing that I care enough to invest in my own wellbeing. The endorphins may energize my body, but my attitude thrives in the accomplishment of successfully completing the first to-do item on my daily checklist.

So when the alarm goes off at 5am, I pull it together. Because I’m going to be a better person outwardly if I can spend a little time exercising my internal mechanics.


Jesus said the same thing to the Pharisees. He observed that their cups were clean on the outside but filthy and full of self-indulgent greed on the inside.


And it’s so true. Appearance on the exterior is never as important as the beauty that emanates from within.


After all, nobody is going to care how big your biceps are if you’re going keep on being a bitter ‘ol bee-atch.