by greenbamboostudios

I recently realized that I just couldn’t put any more meat in my mouth.


In the quest to get bigger, I have been stuffing my face full with all manner of protein. For someone as experienced as me, I have to now sorely and sullenly admit to having finally reached the limits of what I can take.


It takes 3500 calories to loose a pound of fat.


It takes 10,000 calories to pack on a pound of muscle.


The math of mercy is even more exponential. We are instructed in Matthew 18:22 to keep forgiving the offenses of our brothers up to seven times seventy times.


That can be at times even more difficult to stomach.


In Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice, Shylock never receives his pound of flesh because he can’t extract it without spilling the blood to which he is not entitled.


Far above this sway, a fundamental and wonderful precept of our relationship with God IS to have had the blood of his son Jesus Christ spilled for the redemption of our many transgressive pounds of flesh.


I do pray for the mercy to see salvation.


And because unrestrained, I receive it like gentle rain, I will keep on trying to render the deeds of mercy because it is enthroned as the holiest of attributes.


Perhaps, if I keep working on the size of my forgiveness, it will simultaneously increase the mightiest pump in my chest.