by greenbamboostudios

When I arrived at the beach house, I collapsed into bed and have remained there, sleeping,  for the better part of an entire week.

The most strenuous thing I’ve done is turn on the TV.

At first I was completely freaked and anxious; Am I depressed? Am I sick? Am I going to be ok?

Then upset and disappointed.

I had a full itinerary planned and now I wouldn’t get to do anything.

It took a few days for me to realize that my complete lack of energy was my own body very clearly signaling that it had had enough.

Enough of early morning training, late night playing and everything else in between that I’ve been cramming my daily schedule with for the past six months.

I had planned this break and I guess my central nervous system was just ensuring that I actually got one.

I’m awake now.

To the very real reminder that I need to take better care of my down time on a regular basis so that I don’t end up falling down.