by greenbamboostudios

Every few months, I ask someone to take a video of me playing.

Just so I can hear what I sound like for purely professional reasons.

And also, to see if I’m still doing that weird thing with my face.

Again, for professional reasons.

This week, I was told my phone could not take any more video because it was already at capacity.

When I scrolled through the camera roll, what I saw was image after image (dutifully taken every Saturday) of myself standing before a full-length mirror, in my underwear, doing the four mandatory physique competition poses: front, right side profile, back, left side profile.

The lesson here for me is abundantly clear.

I literally could not hear myself or see myself because I was so full of myself.

I select all my pictures and hit delete.

I am ready to be filled once again with possibility and opportunity; hope and joy; love and kindness.

And, to pour out the same.