by greenbamboostudios

The thing that scares me the most on Halloween is having to play an entire dinner service using two keyboards.

Spooky music doesn’t feel quite right on just the piano so I use a digital instrument to augment my repertoire with organ sounds.

It’s a neat trick.

But the real trick that gets played here is the mental one where I unravel slowly during the course of the entire day thinking (1) I don’t have enough material for three hours, or even worse, (2) I’ll for sure fuck this up royally because it’s just so awkward playing two things at once.

And every year, the same thing happens.

My audience unanimously exclaims: ” Wow! What a treat! ”

One woman also tagged that with: ” Gosh, you sound even better than I remembered! ”

So then I relax into it, begin to wonder why I don’t do this more often, and eventually end up having a really great time.

I’m not in costume.

There is no mask.

It’s just me doing me and being loved for it.

I guess the only trick here is to keep treating myself with the same acceptance on the other non-spooky days of the year.