by greenbamboostudios

I bought two new suits this week.

My tailor said there was no extra fabric left to let out on any of my jackets.

Compulsively, even though I have evidence that I’m growing, I keep looking for additional proof on the scale.

I’ve been stuck at 160lbs for this current workout cycle.

I had been hoping for a solid 165lbs.

It’s been driving me crazy.

Finally, after also driving him close to insanity with my insecurity, my trainer observed:

(1) Maybe your body just wasn’t meant to be at that weight; so,

(2) You gotta be happy with what you got; and,

(3) This doesn’t reflect the actual big boy weights you’ve been working out with recently; thus,

(4) You should be focused instead on the progress you’ve made in your lifts this year.

Tailored to fit.

Trained for strength.

Sometimes the best gains are the ones that don’t show.

They’re the gains that you already have but didn’t realize.