by greenbamboostudios

Two birthdays ago, all I wanted was a really good burger. So that’s what I got cooked medium, loaded with bacon, mushrooms, Swiss cheese, caramelized onions and a fried egg. Chocolate shake and fries on the side.


I promptly vomited when I was done with my last bite and was sick for a few days afterwards.


On hindsight, I realized that since I had been eating pretty clean, my body just couldn’t process that kind of food anymore, certainly, not in that amount.


I have not had any beef since.


The smell of it made me instantly nauseous.


Until yesterday.


When I craved a bloody, rare steak. With eggs over easy. And grits. Everything doused in A1 sauce.


So that’s what I ordered up at my local diner, deliciously devouring every bite leaving only the sad garnish of wilted lettuce and watery tomato slice.


As the New Year begins, I also resolve to confront more hang-ups, more fears, more negative attitudes.


Because this meal was not only tasty, it completely fit my fitness program and all the macronutrient breakdowns within it.


There’s no more beef about having beef.