by greenbamboostudios

The North American International Auto Show has been hosted in Detroit for well over a century.

This week during press previews, industry previews and the big charity preview finale, visitors from all over the world are dining out downtown with their translators.

One night, a South American businessman silently formulates his question and then haltingly asks for The Girl from Ipanema.

I play this song all the time with the trio but for some reason never on my own solo sets.

So I have to open iReal Pro on my iPhone and pull up the lead sheet to help me get started.

With confidence, I start playing, only to be met with a look of confusion on his face.

“Is it the right song?” I ask.

“It is,” he replies, “but I wonder if I take that music you have home with me, can a musician from my country play it also?”

I tell him yes, of course, because it’s nice to know that some things like love and hope, as they pass, each time they pass, require neither explanation nor translation.