by greenbamboostudios

The best audience sits quietly and listens.

They are appreciative.

They know that when you choose to play something, the song has personal significance and will be meaningfully heartfelt.

So they say, “Play whatever moves you, it’s all good.”

I was thinking how good I did have it one night until my gratitude came to an abrupt general pause.

Someone asked for Anaconda, a rap song by Nicki Minaj.

And when I said that I didn’t know how well I could translate it as a piano cover, they asked for five other equally unplayable rap songs in rapid succession.

I was about to get seriously pissed when I realized I had done the very same thing that morning.

In my daily devotion, I rattled off this extensive list of demands: inner-peace, joy, happiness, health, a boyfriend, love, a man who would love me for who I am, love for myself from within myself, to put out love and receive love with whole-hearted joy, ditto the last thing for friends and family, also, health for them too, and for everyone but me mostly not to be surrounded by stupid people, more peace, strength to be surrounded by stupid people if it really does have to happen, serenity and; fortitude for whatever-thy-will-be-done-amen.

If God is a piano player, then I need to be a better audience member.