by greenbamboostudios

Every once in a while, I call an alternate activities week.

I take a break from lifting and focus on other fun fitness things to do with my trainer.

Like boxing.

In my mind, I’m just getting a solid total body workout with cardio thrown in for good measure.

My trainer verbalized otherwise though.

He said, “Since I’ve packed a solid 30lbs of muscle on you, might as well be able to learn how to use it.”

To which I replied, “This is for looking pretty, it’s not for doing shit.”

And because I let my guard down to mouth off, I took a smart uppercut to the jaw as his comeback.

The truth is, I’ve never had to physically defend myself.

But confronted with insult, my sassy mouth has gotten me in trouble plenty of times

I know I can, and should, turn the other cheek.

After all, what good can come of being able to hit like a man when I’m still spitting like a girl?