by greenbamboostudios

In just my second week of having a regularly scheduled day off, I am asked to come in to help court a prospective luxury client.

Lincoln, the car company, is looking for a venue where they can regularly entertain the car dealers they fly in nationwide to touch base on corporate service values.

Really believing that sometimes you have to go back to go forward, I agree to the possibility of future contract engagements, and sacrifice much needed rest time to play for cocktails and dinner.

At the end of the evening, one of the dealers pats me on the back and in a charming, slow Southern drawl says:

“Young man, you’ve taught me a very valuable lesson tonight. You sat there and played beautifully even though you are sitting in less than optimal conditions. You are at a piano that is out of tune. There are  waiters running all around with noise and commotion everywhere. Thank you for smiling and loving what you do. I hate my job but I’m going to fly back to Virginia tomorrow and remember to treat the jackasses I sell cars to with a little more care.”

In this moment, I am completely speechless.

I have been thinking the same thing all night.

Sparkle bright for these jackasses and when then leave you can go home to bed.