by greenbamboostudios

I like working out with my trainer because he knows my body better than I know it myself.


Trying to press a weight that I have successfully lifted many times before, but not recently because of the flu, my first attempt was a total flop.


As he pulled the bar of my chest, he calmly said, “Rest 5 minutes and try again. Your second time around is always better.”


There are days when we don’t always try again. We drop the weight and work at a lighter load, to prepare for the days when we can try again.


And then, there are days like this where he intuitively knows I’m just warming up.


True enough, each successive lift gets better.


More confident and clean.


More explosive and smooth.


We do three work sets and call it good.


I enjoy dedicating the time and I am disciplined to put in the work, whatever kind of work is required for the day.


But the days when I get to do second tries are my favorite days of all.