by greenbamboostudios

I ask him if we can share the floor because he is working right in the middle of two racks.


So where two people should be able to function side by side, now only one guy is occupying the entire space.


His snarly reply of sure clearly means no.


He doesn’t move.


And I end up going into another open spot.


A few minutes later, he comes up and asks if I am using a particular set dumb bells.


Even thought there are many more such sets lying around, I say that I am but he can totally work in – the polite gym etiquette meaning we can take turns using them.


He picks them up and takes them to another corner of the room, never returning them.


Gym rats can be nasty, vicious and selfish creatures.


I am outwardly by nature more of a gym bunny.


I’m peaceful and I play well with others.


Except when it comes to my own emotions.


Then I have no problems bullying myself with anger, insecurity and doubt.


Lately though, my bunny is getting better at kicking my rat’s ass.