by greenbamboostudios

It is rumored, that the mansion turned restaurant where I play, has ghosts.


And when the television show Ghost Hunters closed it to the public to film an episode, I had two days off to come to a chilling realization.


I do see ghosts.


Every song I play has special memory of the people who have sung with me, the people who have listened, the people who have taught me the right chord progressions; and of the people who have loved me.


Mostly though, I feel the spirit of my late partner telling me that I am talented and capable.


He encouraged me to pursue playing the piano professionally.


He said I was wonderful even when I knew I wasn’t.


What I do know is that in life or from beyond, people come to us for a reason.


We should therefore do the same to inspire and to be a light for others.


So maybe, I should stop telling guests who ask about these ghosts, that the only things haunting the mansion are the broken hopes and dreams of everyone who works there.