by greenbamboostudios

I’ve been given a lot of musical direction lately.


For example, Night & Day should be faster in tempo, “with a little more snap.”


Also, someone else told me the way I played Unchained Melody was more “flow-y” than the Righteous Brothers would have taken it.


Finally, in MacArthur’s Park, the part where “someone leaves the cake out in the rain” just needs to be “way more forceful and dramatic.”




In a social space where tweets, likes and comments are deemed appropriate discursive channels, having an opinion is becoming about more than just having an asshole.


Not because everyone has one, but nowadays, everyone is simply dying to show you how badly theirs stinks.


The only opinions that truly matter to me these days are the ones that I hold in my heart.


Mainly, that I fought the battles meant to be fought and left good enough alone where it wasn’t my business to interfere.