by greenbamboostudios

Lately, I’ve been spending a little more time greasing my wheels.


What this means is that I’m not lifting as heavy as I know I’m capable.


Instead of pushing to failure, some recent studies have shown that neurological and motor neuron pathways can be stimulated to affect greater loads simply by taxing the muscles more frequently.


In other words, strength can be increased over time by actively conditioning the motions used for lifting with lighter weights; as long as this training is scheduled consistently, and often.


So when outside the gym, I caught myself complaining that I felt bored and over it all, I began to rethink all of the underwhelming and unchallenging tasks I’ve had to endure so far this summer.


Maybe my squeaky wheel of an attitude could get a little greasing if I begin treat those tasks with a little more importance.


They could be leading up to bigger gains.