by greenbamboostudios

The funny thing about loosing someone to cancer is finding out that everyone wants you to know they have someone whom they lost to cancer too.


Most of my regular guests, over time, have come to know why and how I’ve ended up in Detroit.


I rarely volunteer to share details about my personal life anymore.


And when probed to do so, I am never disappointed with the outrageous empathy-I-know-just-how-that-feels response stories.


This week, a man told me that his grandmother was diagnosed with cancer. She prayed everyday and was then stricken with polio. The polio miraculously made the cancer cells shrink and go into remission. Alas, while she was cured of cancer, she eventually died of polio.


I wanted to tell this man to give it a rest.


But then I thought maybe I needed to give it a rest.


By simply telling people a little white lie about moving here for work, and thus saving a little bit more of myself just for me.