by greenbamboostudios

Like Valentine’s Day, this regional holiday gives occasion to bestow all kinds of romantic deeds and expressions.

In other words, the ticket price for flowers, cards, candy and a dinner date goes up exponentially.

Also, the requests for My Funny Valentine have to be painstakingly rendered multiple times a night.

On the last time through this melody, a young woman comes to the piano and leans on it, both elbows on the closed lid, hands cupping her face, eyes closed but turned towards me.

She stayed, this funny valentine, stayed for the entire song, and as the last note faded, finally addressed me.

“My grandfather used to play that song for me. Your version was good, thank you. It just didn’t sound like him.”

I nod and say nothing.

Because really, there is nothing left say, knowing that the sweetest days happen each and every day when you love someone.

And the sweetness of a day just measures up differently when those people are gone.