by greenbamboostudios

At this annual event, a set of scary showtunes is sung to guests who attend a Halloween dinner.

Amongst the other entertainment features between courses, are ghost hunters, magic shows, acrobatic clowns, strolling violinists and mystic séances.

So naturally, what terrified me the most was that my singers and I would be the least favorite act of the evening.

I worried that compared to the other performers, we would be the most boring.

Actually, I spent this whole month worrying myself sick about how we would be received.

Even though I knew logically, that part of the night was completely out of my hands and control. Also, that this wasn’t an actual competition and there was no need to turn it into one.

My gratitude this Sunday morning is immense.

I am blessed for being given the opportunity, the right and wonderful singers, the intuition for an appropriate repertoire, and, the gift of being heard.

We were told that we were by far the most popular act.

If the spirit is right, and when the spirit is willing, the only haunting thing that should get exorcised is self-doubt.