by greenbamboostudios

I think that when children tell Santa what they want from Christmas, Santa should listen, say something jolly, pose for a picture, and then send them away with well wishes.


What should not happen in this exchange is Santa giving the child a gift. A piece of candy, maybe. But definitely not a gift. Especially not a gift that makes noise, like say, a drum, a tambourine or a whistle-flute. Which is what this particular Santa was doing to irritate all the Christmas spirit out of me.


It’s really hard to play music about peace and goodwill to man when you want to strangle all the kids around you.


I was in the middle of Away in a Manger, wondering if the sweet baby Jesus could possibly even be asleep in middle of all this racket, when a little boy tugged on my sleeve.


“Do you remember me?” he asked.


He’s grown a lot in a year, but I remember. His favorite, most favorite Christmas song is Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer.


So I pick him up, put him on the bench next to me and we become reacquainted.


Him on his little toy drum and me on my grand piano.


Sometimes, although the most joyful noise may not be the most pleasant, it is the most heartfelt and glowing.