by greenbamboostudios

I am asked to prepare this Eric Clapton song for a special anniversary dinner. The guests have called ahead and management has dutifully, and with ample lead time, passed on their request.

Normally, I wait until after dessert is ordered, but before it is dropped at the table, to introduce myself to the guests, and then play the song.

But before it even gets to that point in the meal, the couple comes out and thanks me for the beautiful arrangement of Change the World.

Which makes me laugh, because I haven’t played it yet. Then really upset, because it makes me feel like I’m a terrible pianist. Then just sad, because these people don’t even know what their song sounds like.

I thank them for celebrating with the restaurant and wish them many more years of love, joy and happiness.

Not being able to change the world through music, it is the only thing I am left able to do. I change my attitude to one of graciousness and appreciation.