by greenbamboostudios

The nasty cold that is going around this season has now hopefully died down, having already been officially passed through everyone I work with.

Completely founded, my own personal paranoia at the restaurant is at an all time extreme. Not only am I using hand sanitizer on the hour, I am sterilizing everything I touch with Clorox wipes. That includes the keys on the piano, the water glasses, and the door handles. Hugs and handshakes are being kept to the bare minimum; only regular customers and tips above twenty dollars.

I hate being sick and in my mind the idea of preventing involuntarily infection is not so much obsessive as it is proactive.

I was wiping my hands one more time when a couple celebrating their anniversary makes a request. They want to dance, and ask that I play their song.

I know it, and I am honored.

As they hold each other and move simply to the music, the same way they must have done 12 years ago when they first got married, two other couples join them on the floor.

I don’t mind being surrounded by some things.

I would catch love, joy and hope everyday if I could.

And also spread it all around.