Month: April, 2016


“I got a dollar here for you but you’re not going to get it that easy. You’re going to have to work for it.”


Then comes a rattled list of 5 easy standards, all of which I know.


If I played each song just once through, that makes out to be about 10 minutes of playing, or 20 cents a song.


A jukebox makes more money per song.


Just saying.


But I serve no tea to this gentleman, nor throw no shade, and get to werking it.


Because the best things in life, like acceptance, forgiveness, love, peace and joy, are free.






A major change happened this week.

I replaced all my protein shakes with whole foods.

Although I am used to consuming anywhere between 3500-4500 calories a day, I get a lot of help meeting these targets by drinking high density smoothies made from pre-packaged powders.

So I woke up on Monday already gagging at the thought of having to swallow that much actual food.

But then, the strangest thing happened.

I became hungry throughout the day for more food, and by bedtime, I had easily eaten all the items on my plan.

And by the end of the week, clothes that I hadn’t worn for the past year began to fit again.

My stomach, which I thought would start to look bloated, began to flatten out in the next stage of being competition-ready.

I guess when we take in what is real, we really do change, on the whole, for the better.


The first thing my new coach shows me is how to engage my back in any pressing or pulling exercise.

So I’ve spent this week relearning proper form.

I have to really focus and concentrate, or else I still slip into habituated patterns of movement; especially towards the end of a workout as I approach fatigue.

Doing what is right can sometimes be hard.

But not doing it the right way is a guarantee to make things harder for myself in the long run.


I decided this week to compete in the Physique category at the upcoming Nicole Wilkins Classic on July 9th.

So for the next 16 weeks, I will be voluntarily undergoing one of the hardest and most challenging periods of my life.

But I feel ready.

I have spent the last three years preparing and conditioning my body for these intense final months of training. And my new coach, after reviewing my collection of daily workout log books, has decided that I am an ideal novice candidate.

So it’s not the physical fitness that scares me. It’s the fitness of my mindset and spirit.

All I have in regards to those is trust. A trust in my community to continue nurturing. A trust in my intuition to guide. And a trust in every new experience to shape me for the better.