by greenbamboostudios

It’s been a month with my coach, so this week we did another full body composition analysis to put some numbers to progress.


While the results certainly weren’t negative, they also didn’t reflect all the changes we were both expecting.


So we took another look at my nutrition plan and started to re-evaluate its percentages of fat, carbohydrate and protein.


And immediately, I saw the flaw I had been making.


I had been measuring my 6oz servings of sweet potatoes by volume, in cups, rather than by weight. Mathematically, I was eating half the amount of that particular food than I was supposed to.


Seeing the look of dismay on my face, my coach starts laughing.


He reassures me, “If a program can be undone in 4 weeks by sweet potatoes, it wasn’t a very good program to begin with.”


I accept that I am flawed.


I will continue the attempt to flaw, less.


But it’s always nice to know that in spite of all those flaws, I am still headed in the right direction, because I am programmed with faith and trust.