by greenbamboostudios

I’m feeling a little vulnerable this week,


Even though I’m looking great, feeling awesome, and lifting well, the recent drastic transformation of the cutting process has led many of the women in my life to utter,” Oh.My.God. You look so small!”


They mean it as a compliment, of course.


Forgetting that “small” is an adjective no man wants to hear describe himself, ever.


I am still mulling over the issue of size at work one night when a mother brings over her child ask on the daughter’s behalf:


“She wants to know if you can play Auld Land Syne because she’s learning it right now in her lessons.”


I tell a passing waiter to bring a napkin, instruct the mother to blindfold me, and then I play the song, to the delight of everyone around.


When I am done, much better than the $20 tip, is the exclamation of the little girl:


“You’re just like John Cena! With a piano!”


Physically, I come nowhere close to the 6”2” 250lb celebrity wrestler and former teen bodybuilder.


But it’s nice to know that good things can still come in small packages.