by greenbamboostudios

A woman I’ve gotten to know recently is working out next to me with her trainer, while I am with my competition coach.


We happen to be doing the same exercise – a dumb bell row.


I am ready for my next set, but she is struggling to finish hers.


So in an effort to be kind, and to be encouraging, I say, “Come on, I’ll wait for you and we can do it together.”


At which point my coach discreetly whispers into my ear, “What are you doing? You go when you’re ready. Do. Not. Wait.”


After I finish, he quietly explains, “Your purpose here is different than hers. She is trying to loose weight. You are training to build muscle. Don’t forget that. You two have very different goals.”


I’m going to still wave, smile and say hello to people.


But having purpose makes everything a lot more meaningful.