by greenbamboostudios

While planning an independent leg day this week, my coach suggested 6 working sets each of squats, dead lifts and leg presses – an unusual and new scheme for me.


It already sounded like a lot.


But the gold star A grade Asian in me piped up.


“What about calves?”


He said I wouldn’t need to do that for this particular workout because it was already so taxing.


And because I pouted and whined about needing everything to look pretty, he finally conceded.


“If you really want to do them, add 4 sets of whatever calf exercise you want, at the end. And text me when you get done working out tomorrow.”


It’s not news that the text I sent read, “Next time I decide to add extra stuff, you can tell me to shut it.”


The real news to me is that having enough is the blessing in and of itself. Anything extra sometimes turns that blessing into a real bitch.