by greenbamboostudios

At the end of a workout I am stretching next to a very limber girl.


Effortlessly, she inverts herself into a perfect yoga wheel pose, palms and feet flat on the floor with her body arched in an impossible backbend.


The lady on the other side of me on the mats sighs wistfully, “I used to be able to do that.”


I laugh.


This other woman is 78 years old and works out everyday.


We all adore her.


Her consistent determination is inspiring, but even more valuable than that is her incredible source of knowledge.


If there is a rehabilitation issue with a joint or a sprain, this is the woman we all go see about corrective exercises.


I laugh because she doesn’t need to bend over backwards anymore.


And I hope that when I become a big boy, I won’t have to either.