by greenbamboostudios

For my debut at the Great Lakes Ironman, I buy two pairs of boardshorts.


My choice is the solid in a bright strawberry pink. My coach suggests a dominantly lime green colored pair in a bold oversized madras checked pattern that is mixed with white, grey and black blocks.


I take pictures wearing each of them and we take a poll at the gym.


Most of guys who are training for their first shows, like me, gravitate towards the pink.


But the other coaches and more experienced competitors urge me to stick with the green pair “for this particular show and for this particular set of judges.”


Both shorts look great with my tan and I’m don’t understand the preference of one over the other.


Until it is explained to me that regional aesthetics factor heavily in how judges score.


The pink pair would be more appropriate for a larger show in Orange County or in Miami. Here in the Midwest, a more conservative approach is the norm.


In short, I can only sparkle the brightest when I consider for whom I am shining.