by greenbamboostudios

The person that walked out on stage on Saturday to compete was not alone.


He had a coach who programmed all his lifts and his diet.


He had a gym buddy who encouraged him every day, and told him he could do this.


He had an army of friends and family who reinforced what the gym buddy was saying.


He had a butcher who weighed his meats every week and gave him the best cuts.


He had several trusty restaurant kitchen cooks who all prepared his specific meals to order when he was too tired himself to make them.


He had a barber, a girl at waxing salon and another woman at a tanning salon who timed all his appointments so he looked his very best.


He had an accountant who reminded him to pay his quarterly taxes when he inadvertently forgot to pay them during the training.


He had an investment banker who certified that he had to funding to pursue the sport.


He had a mechanic who made sure his car got him to there in one piece,


It wasn’t by personal fortitude and individual discipline that somebody walked out on stage on Saturday.


Some body was equipped by grace to have all the right people around him to help present the best version of himself.