Month: November, 2016


I got stuck in the elevator one night at work.


While I was trapped in there, I had thirty minutes to count my blessings.


The biggest one being that I wasn’t actually stuck.


There was no emotional, physical or financial burden that was preventing me from moving forward with my hopes and dreams.


And during the many times when I have been stuck on something, there has always been a way out.


Maybe not the way I wanted resolution, but a solution nonetheless.


So as the doors finally opened, and a week early before Thanksgiving, I decided to give thanks.




I finally hit my target intake this week of 4500 calories per day.


After 7 weeks of gradual increases, I am finally able to handle this amount of food.


Most adult men eat 2200 calories per day, but the idea of having a double portion resonates more spiritually for me than physically.


It reminds me that when I partake in what is wholesome and good, the bulk of abundant blessings is assured to follow.



Police cars accompany protesters as they march down Woodward Avenue every night, and bright blue-red flashing lights flood the dining room casting a surreal other worldly glow on everything and everyone in it.


At the piano, I play from The Great American Songbook, wondering if it might as well be spring.


I also wonder why it has to be this difficult.


My coach voted for Trump and I was equally open in discussing with him my choice for Clinton. We talked about it for exactly two minutes between a set. That aside, we elected to work together and focus on the serious business of squatting.


Both of us are restless as willow in a windstorm, jumpy as a puppet on a string, starry eyed and vaguely discontented, but only in anticipation of building a better body for the next competition season.



“I stopped drinking alcohol and it really helped with my weight loss.”


I turn around to see a regular, performing a series of ineffective dips, saying this to his buddy who is half-heartedly pumping out some dumbbell curls.


They switch exercises and then the first guy qualifies his statement, “Except for the mead … I drink mead every day because Jesus made the mead … It’s in the bible … So it’s ok to drink mead.”


Mead is the alcoholic beverage created from fermenting honey with water and other various fruits, grains, spices or hops.


It’s been a hot minute since I’ve been to Sunday School, so I’m unsure if Jesus did indeed “make the mead”, but what I’m know for a fact is that any drink with that much sugar and containing that much alcohol isn’t helping shed any pounds.


And then smug gave way to worry as I began to question what beliefs I may be personally holding onto that are just as responsible for weighing me down.