by greenbamboostudios

“I stopped drinking alcohol and it really helped with my weight loss.”


I turn around to see a regular, performing a series of ineffective dips, saying this to his buddy who is half-heartedly pumping out some dumbbell curls.


They switch exercises and then the first guy qualifies his statement, “Except for the mead … I drink mead every day because Jesus made the mead … It’s in the bible … So it’s ok to drink mead.”


Mead is the alcoholic beverage created from fermenting honey with water and other various fruits, grains, spices or hops.


It’s been a hot minute since I’ve been to Sunday School, so I’m unsure if Jesus did indeed “make the mead”, but what I’m know for a fact is that any drink with that much sugar and containing that much alcohol isn’t helping shed any pounds.


And then smug gave way to worry as I began to question what beliefs I may be personally holding onto that are just as responsible for weighing me down.