by greenbamboostudios

I took a side gig this week at a holiday luncheon that involved playing a solo set before the headlining local celebrity jazz flautist performed his show.


The flautist himself was the main contact person for payment.


So as a fellow professional, the nice, considerate and polite thing to do would have been to settle up before the start of the event.


Instead, I had to wait for two hours until the flautist was finished with his concert to get paid; a total diva move on his part.


As he handed me the cash, he remarked, “I noticed that your trio this season is you with a bass and drums. I’m glad you replaced the saxophone with drums, it makes it all about you now as the lead instrument.”


After I wished him a Merry Christmas and thanked him for inviting me to play, I simply responded, “It’s not always about being the center of attention.”