by greenbamboostudios

As I was playing the classic John Lennon song, a server whom I found particularly irritating told me that she had always wanted this music played at her funeral.


So I spent the next week carefully planning medleys that would just happen to lead up into Imagine the moment she walked into the room.


At first, she was thrilled.


Then after a while, she caught on to the fact that I was actively wishing her dead and has since refused to talk to me.


Which didn’t bother me at all.


Until a manager asked me if I could give him another copy of my audition CD.


He explained that a few years ago, he had given my music to his mother in hospice and she had listened to it every day until her passing.


Imagine was one of the tracks on the CD and every time he heard it, he thought of his mother.


I imagine I could try a little harder on making my actions contribute more towards the brotherhood of man.