Month: March, 2017



My coach and I discussed the potential of bulking for the rest of this year before competing again next year.


I am very close to my target of 200lbs and in order to retain the benefits of those gains, we decided it would be best to keep this weight on for a while.


In other words, I’m going to look fat and pudgy for the next 8 months.


Already, I’ve been dealing with unkind comments such as, “have you stopped working out?” and “what happened to you?”


I was thinking how much more devastating my social life would become as I launched into a ten-minute medley of songs from Beauty & The Beast.


I’ve been playing this music more frequently ever since the live action movie version opened a few weeks ago.


It’s fun music and it puts me in a good mood.


Now, I’m playing it to remind myself that underneath it all, I know who I am, what I’m trying to accomplish, and most importantly, that I’m still a pretty, pretty princess.




Terry Fater, the ventriloquist who won America’s Got Talent in 2008, came in for brunch.


I wanted to tell him how much his act meant to me, because it reminded me of a happy time, when I watched him on television with my late partner.


Those silly puppets always made us laugh.


But I kept my thoughts to myself, thinking that a performer on his down time wouldn’t want to have to entertain yet another fan.


When he left the restaurant, I realized I was the big dummy.


I put those words in my own mouth.


Letting someone know they are appreciated should be taken at every opportunity.




When I’m training with my coach, I’m used to having my dumb bells handed to me. I’m also used to having my plates racked on and off machines as well as bar bells.


This week he told me I have to start carrying my own stuff.


Because of the number of clients he trains, he only helps when the weight is below a certain limit.


It means I’m becoming a big boy.


But it doesn’t mean I still can’t ask for help when I can’t handle something on my own.


Because that’s what big boys do.


I have three rest days in a row this week from working out so I schedule an appointment with my chiropractor as a proactive recovery opportunity.


I haven’t seen her in over a year.


I haven’t needed to.


Working with an experienced coach and following his well-designed lifting program has done wonders for ensuring that my body is in balance.


“You are very well adjusted,” my chiropractor says as I get off her table.


I’m working on being able to say that about everything in my life.






Like most guys relatively new to the sport, I still get excited to see the competitors and the winners in this annual bodybuilding show.


What I like best is looking at the amazing progress from the professionals who are returning to compete from previous years.
While daydreaming about the classic, happening this weekend, and wishing I were there instead of playing Misty for the millionth time, a man drops a generous tip into my jar.


“You play very well,” he says.


And suddenly I remember when Misty used to be a short two-minute song that required all my concentration.


Nowadays, it’s something I play automatically when I want a long chunk of time to reminisce.