Month: April, 2017


I have a recurring right shoulder injury that has needed more attention recently.


I’ve been conservative with most pressing movements and like always, smart rehabilitation fixes mostly everything.


My coach warns me that I will always have this lingering feeling in my tendon, a common sore spot with many lifters, but that I will eventually learn to work through it and around it.


Because I trust my body’s physical innate workings, maybe I can also trust my emotion’s intuitive sensitivities to eventually figure things out with this man I’m currently dating.



We hosted a MTF transgender cocktail event this week.


And I was proud of the restaurant for taking such a visible and progressive stance on this social issue.


Until, the ladies arrived.


Behind their backs, the derisive comments from staff flowed.


The most ignorantly revealing to me was the suggestion that I put on a dress and join the party.


Sometimes, words do speak louder than actions.


I’m on my last set of overhead cable curls when he walks over and says, “Hey. Can I show you something?”


I normally shy away from the bros who interfere with each other’s workouts but this one is especially cute so I say, “Sure.”


He raises the cable settings to their maximum height, much further than I normally set them for this exercise, and tells me to try again, now that most of the stabilizing pressure on my rotator cuffs will be alleviated by the new adjustment.


And he was right.


I thank him and wish him a Happy Easter, remembering that this holiday is about having all the mistakes of sin permanently fixed.


He’s not that much older himself, I don’t think, so I’m confused when he says, “What a surprise to come out of the dining room to see someone so young playing all these old songs!”


I’m turning 40 next week and I don’t feel so young.


But I don’t feel so old either.


I feel like I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be.