Month: May, 2017


Jesus gave me the strength this week to set a personal record of squatting 315lbs for 4 repetitions.

He also gave me the strength to break up with a very, very, very bad boyfriend.



I just played a bridal shower at the Grosse Pointe War Memorial.

The hostess said a brief hello when she arrived, but I was mostly ignored by a roomful of 40 women.

Until I played my last note, stood up, and put my jacket back on.

Then everyone clapped.

As I walked out, I was told multiple times how wonderful I sounded and what a good job I had done.

The war memorial is dedicated to the veterans of World War II.

But today, I’m going to remember that even when I think that no one hears me, someone is listening.


The wedding goes perfectly as planned.


I am relieved, but that’s not the exact moment I know that my prayers have been answered.


As she packs up her violin to leave, the 17 year old I rehearsed and performed together with for this event says to me, “Thank you so much for everything. I learnt so much from you and I hope we stay in touch.”


In a difficult situation, I asked to make no mistakes.


And instead, I received grace.



I never wanted to do this wedding.


Due to circumstances, the pianist I recommended for the gig, cancelled, and with no other options available to salvage a long-standing professional relationship with the client, I have no other choice but to fill in.


The wedding involves two singers and a violin player that the couple has chosen to include.


Which means I’ll be playing in many more key signatures than I ordinarily use.


Which makes me uncomfortable.


In 2 hours, I will be stepping into the Detroit Yacht Club, trusting that as always, I am supposed to be in the right place to sparkle bright, and that I am equipped to do so.


But first, I think I’ll practice this version of The Prayer in E-Flat with its direct modulation to A-Flat just one more time.