by greenbamboostudios

A mother brings her daughter to the piano bar and they sit quietly, listening to the music.


When I suddenly burst into a short Beauty & the Beast medley, the girl’s face lights up and she makes her Barbie doll dance along.


At the end, the mother gives the girl a twenty-dollar bill and instructs the child to put it in my jar, which she does obediently.


I thank them and they leave to finish their meals.


Let the children’s laughter remind us how we used to be.


It is exactly what I need right now after overhearing a particularly shrill server trying to show a new young high school girl working with us this summer, all the beauty the later possesses inside.


In attempting to give her protégé a sense of pride, the senior lady feels the insane need to impart the following bit of wisdom:


“You have a treasure chest down there. You have to keep it locked and buried safely. It is the greatest love of all.”


The teenager is uncomfortable with this out of context maternal attention.


And because I do believe the children are our future, I feel the need to respond:


“Honey, don’t listen to her. She don’t know nothing about no treasure chests. Hers didn’t even come with a lock! And she done gone had her treasure chest pillaged, reburied, dug up and pillaged again so many damn times that there’s nothing in there but cobwebs and dried-up crabs.”


When it comes to calling out bullshit, sometimes people need someone to look up to.