by greenbamboostudios

A ghost of Christmas past came to visit me at work.


I didn’t see the apparition, but a regular guest informed me that the spirit was hovering over the piano as I played.


The spirit, the guest further elaborated, was definitely female, and enjoyed listening to all the Christmas music, because every time I played a holiday song, the spirit would gently sway back and forth in time to the music.


I didn’t think the guest was drunk.


I have been told numerous times by guests with the gift of the third eye that spirits have been seen to gather around the piano and dance when I’m playing.


The spirits don’t try to enter my body or touch me, (which is always my first paranoid question,) so I’ve learned to just laugh it off.


“I guess my approval rating goes beyond the grave,” I’ll quip.


But really, I’d like to think that on occasion, one of the spirits this season could be that of my late husband, who proposed to me many Christmases ago, and comes back to say hello.