by greenbamboostudios

On my first day back at the gym since the cold, my trainer took a new approach to getting my strength and stamina back.


She loaded up a bar and set the timer.


“We’re going to see how long it takes for you to squat one hundred reps and sweat the rest of this cold out of you.”


True enough, at the end of it, I felt better than I had been feeling all week.


So it should be no sweat then to play this Cinderella Tea event next weekend with a singer friend.


All I should have to do is practice with my sheet music at least one hundred times.


Trust that rehearsal goes well.


Pray that the children will be well-behaved, receptive and attentive.


Hope that I won’t have any technical issues with the microphone.


Believe that the singer will be in good voice and arrive on time with no problems.


Depend on management to handle all the other events that day to ensure no other conflicts.


I’m sweating it just a little.