by greenbamboostudios

“Today was supposed to be my wedding day.”


She states it simply, and softly, in my ear, without a single trace of emotion.


She is wearing a gown too fancy to be a Friday night going out dress.


It’s not white. But it’s close enough, like a very light ash color.


“Will you play Unforgettable?” she asks.


Her father is here, and along with the courageous act of a very public dinner, she still wants to go through the motions of this traditional dance tonight.


So I play it, and everyone turns to stare at the mesmerizing duo, who have clearly been practicing a long time for this moment.


They thank me and return to their table.


Her server tells me later that evening that I totally made this woman’s night.


She was crying at the table.


I didn’t know if the secret was mine to divulge.


That those were certainly not tears of joy.